20th Annual Western IL/ NE MO Notill/ Crop Management Conference

We've all heard about the next new herbicide technology that will help with control of glyphosate resistant waterhemp and marestail. Both Monsanto and Dow are introducing new products that contain phenoxy herbicides (2,4-D and dicamba) mixed with glyphosate to be applied to genetically modified crops. These phenoxy herbicides have been altered somewhat from their original to help prevent vapor drift. In the past both these phenoxy products have had a bad reputation linked to vapor drift to susceptible species. They've been known to drift even several days after their application.

But many are skeptical of the claims by the manufacturer that vapor drift has been eliminated. Those skeptical include both farmers who may or may not use the product (and have neighbors who do use it), as well as homeowners who are afraid of what damage the drift could entail on their susceptible plants. Organic producers are extremely sensitive to this issue. And so are some custom pesticide applicators who fear for lawsuit if drift occurs from applications made by them.

There is also concern of these glyphosate resistant weeds developing (stronger) resistance to the phenoxy herbicides.

There are many issues involved with this new technology, and Dr. Mark Bernards, WIU, is well versed with many of them. He has been researching this technology for several years. He's also been addressing drift issues and how to help reduce drift utilizing existing technologies. He will be our key note speaker at our 20th Annual Western IL/ NE MO Notill/ Crop Management Conference.

U of I and U of MO specialists will also be present and provide the following discussion topics: Grain and livestock price outlook; Using cover crops in a corn/soybean rotation; Seed treatments in corn and soybean (including SDS seed treatment results); Herbicide update; and Reducing your input costs. We'll also feature a farmer panel and displays from area agri businesses.

The program will be held on Friday, Jan. 30th, beginning at 9:15am, at John Wood Community College, 1301 S. 48th, Quincy. Cost is $15 per person, which includes lunch, coffee/donuts and a proceedings. CCA credits are available. Register at web.extension.illinois.edu/abhps