If you've ever thought about trying a new enterprise on a few acres of ground, you need to consider attending an event that we hope will provide you with some excellent ideas to consider. Many folks are investigating opportunities for some extra income on a few acres while others are simply looking for an interesting hobby. Either way, this workshop will provide you with several potential ideas to consider.

The workshop is entitled "Putting Small Acres to Work" and will be held on Sat. Feb. 14, at John Wood Community College in Quincy. We've held this program for a number of years, always utilizing local growers to talk about an enterprise in which they've been successful. The program is designed to provide attendees the opportunity to talk to producers who have been successful and are willing to discuss all aspects of their enterprise.

If you're considering adding a new enterprise to your acres, this program will provide some useful and economically positive ideas. This year, our topics will include: Raising broilers on pasture; Methods for extending the growing season; Brambles (blackberries and raspberries); Cover crops; Social media and marketing; Developing orchards; and Growing garlic. Our general session topic will be: Developing Your Farm. Linda Prescott will present that topic. She has a multifaceted farm, including a CSA, and sells at several Farmers' Markets. They grow vegetables, fruits, herbs and have bee hives. In addition, they teach several classes on the farm and host workshops on the farm.

You must register by Feb. 12, on our website: web.extension.illinois.edu/abhps Cost is $30 per person, which includes lunch and handout materials.

Another program to help local growers better manage their fruit trees will be held on Sat. Feb. 21st, at Edgewood Orchards in Quincy. We will discuss all aspects of tree fruit production, from ordering and planting, to management and pest control. We will also demonstrate proper pruning techniques for apple, peach and plum. The program is free of charge, but we need to have a registration list for adequate handout materials. The program will start at 9am. We'll also head out to JWCC to talk about bramble (blackberry and raspberry) production and demonstrate proper pruning that morning.