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Hort in the Home Landscape

Extending the Life of Cut Evergreens

You've cut those evergreens to decorate your home with, but how do you get them to last? 

Storage Prior to Use
  • If the greens need to be stored prior to use, placing the greens in a bucket of water or in a cardboard box or bag in a cool location is the best way to prevent them from drying out quickly.
  • Before bringing the greenery inside, you can also soak them in water overnight to rehydrate them.
Extending the Life Indoors
  • Once indoors, try to keep the greens out of the sunlight and away from heat drafts.
  • Spritzing regularly with water may help them remain hydrated just a little bit, but your best best for a long life is to provide a water source.
  • Wet floral foam for example can provide a water source to evergreens used in a centerpiece, candle ring or even in a wreath. Floral foam wreath bases are available from your local florist.
  • Evergreen leaves could also be sprayed with an anti-transpirant to help seal in moisture.
  • Note-Do not use anti-transpirants on juniper berries, cedar or blue spruce. This product can damage the wax coating that gives these plants their distinctive color and you don't want to lose that unique coloring!
  • Never place fresh greenery near heat sources, such as space heaters, heater vents or sunny windows.
  • Be aware that greens can dry out quickly indoors without a water source, so never put them near an open flame like a candle.
  • Commercial sprays are also available that can be used to provide some fire resistance.
If these tips are followed, you can expect to enjoy the beauty and fragrance of evergreens indoors for at least a few weeks time!