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Join the fight against invasive species in America's wild places with Wild Spotter

group of people in the woods along a stream

Invasive Species  

 Invasive species refer to any harmful non-native plant, animal, or organism that can negatively impact the environment, economy, and human or animal health. These species can be found in both aquatic and terrestrial areas. Each reproductive part of an invasive species, including seeds, eggs, spores, and other reproductive material, can pose a risk. Among many threats, invasive species reduce biodiversity, harm ecosystem health, impact water quality and soil, lower forest and agricultural productivity, threaten native fish and wildlife survival, impact wilderness character, and increase the size and intensity of wildfires. 

Wild Spotter is a community scientist network that empowers individuals to help protect America's wild places from harmful invasive species. Learn to identify, map, and prevent the spread of invasive species such as plants, pathogens, and animals by downloading the free Wild Spotter Mobile App. Be a part of the solution by contributing to the first-ever nationwide inventory of invasive species in America's natural areas. 

Protect Our Wild Places for Future Generations 

Make a lasting impact by helping to preserve the beauty, diversity, and health of America's wild places by helping collect data about the range of invasive species establishments. By collecting data on invasive species while enjoying the great outdoors, you'll support management teams in creating more effective strategies to prevent and control invasive species. This will help protect recreational activities, clean water, abundant wildlife, and all the other benefits of these beautiful wild places for future generations. 

Engage and Promote Awareness 

One of Wild Spotter's goals is to raise awareness about the threat of invasive species and provide simple steps to prevent their spread into new areas. Help engage the public in the fight against these non-native invaders with Wild Spotter. The data you collect will help promote awareness and create more effective strategies to defeat invasive species and protect our wild places. 

Learn more information about Wild Spotter at Working together, we can reduce the impact of invasive species in our local wild places.