Sunrise Fresh - Maddox Sweet Corn Farm

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Dawn and Ted Maddox raise fresh sweet corn on their farm near Warrensburg. It started out as a way for the family to sell the excess sweet corn from their garden, back in the early 1990’s. Each year since the business has grown and now, they raise about 80 acres of farm fresh sweet corn.

The Maddox’s’ sweet corn is sold at their farm stand as well as other stands around Decatur. In addition, they supply over 70 County Market, Kroger and Wal-Mart stores in the central Illinois area. Also, they are the sweet corn supplier for the Annual Sweet Corn Festival held in Urbana.

Ted Maddox is very proud that their corn is sold the day, it is picked. That is why; it is “Sunrise Fresh”.

In 2012, they started growing and selling vegetables at their farm stand, because customers who bought their sweet corn were demanding it. You can find the Maddox Farm stand in the Woodmound Plaza on Mound Road in Decatur.

Grow Your Own Sweet Corn

If you would like to have your own fresh sweet corn, why not try planting some in the garden. Sweet corn is easy to grow in a sunny spot, and nothing beats the taste of fresh, juicy and sweet corn out of the garden. Just remember that it does grow about 4 – 6 feet tall.

For all the details on growing sweet corn, check out the University of Illinois Extension "Sweet Corn" page.