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Know How, Know More

Sharing Your Garden and a Little Bit of You!

If you are a seasoned gardener or are just starting out with a new hobby, one way to glean numerous new ideas in a short time is by talking to other gardeners. You can share ideas, talk about lessons they have learned – the good & the bad, and ask some of those questions you've been wondering about for awhile. Most gardeners would tell you their garden is always changing and they are never finished.

Although gardeners are plant lovers - they often are able to express aspects of their personality or other interests through their garden too.  Are you a natural entertainer?  Cut a rug and add whimsical items to your garden or create a space specifically for outdoor gatherings.  If you appreciate art, find ways to make it a focal point amidst a living canvas of plants.  Have a natural appreciation for wildlife, songbirds and butterflies?  Well you can reflect those interests in your garden too with the habitat you create and plants you use.

Take what you see in others gardens, add it to your own style & interest and you have a space to invite others too.  Even if you find a handful of plants that you've never used before but you are interested in trying then visiting someone's garden is worthwhile.

Perhaps you aren't a gardener at all but you really appreciate the gardening efforts of others, well that's fine too.  Grab a friend and join us in the garden for the Macon County Garden Walk.  Some of the features of the gardens this year include: small-space gardening, garden art, wildlife friendly gardening, hardscapes, tropical plants, water features, containers and all season gardens.

Stroll through area gardens on Sunday, June 14 from 2:00-6:00 p.m. at the Macon County Master Gardeners' Garden Walk in Decatur, Illinois. There will be six gardens featured this year in northern Decatur and southern Forsyth.  This is a rain or shine event so plan accordingly. Tickets can be purchased for $12 the day of the walk at Farmer's Market, 1805 N. Main Street, Decatur.

Hope to see you in the garden!