Delight in Fall

The morning now greets us with a crisp chill and the darkness of the evening comes sooner than many would like this time of year.  For some, fall is a much anticipated time while others skip this season already dreading what follows - winter.

As we bring in the final garden harvest for the season, decorate with corn stalks & pumpkins, and begin planning for fall activities there is usually the question - will it be a "good" fall?  Will the trees transform into a brilliant canopy of reds, oranges, yellows & purples?  We've waited all year nature's display and the hope is that it would not end in dull browns, mediocre yellows & a smattering of red. 

If I give you a glimpse into my plant/tree/outdoor loving mind, you would know that ever since the large Ash tree outside of my third story window only partially leafed out this year, I began to question how "good" fall would be.  As the summer months went on, I watched far too closely as the Ash tree lost its battle against the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB).  So as the bare frame of a once sturdy tree remained outside my window, I was thinking about the color gap that would be left after the demise of the ash trees.  There would be fewer brilliant yellows, crimson reds, and purples to enjoy.  There was only the smallest sense of satisfaction one morning as I sat drinking coffee and watched as a woodpecker feasted on the EAB larva in the tree.  Eat up Mr. Woodpecker and tell your friends there are plenty to go around!

Thankfully, even with the loss of the ash trees in my neighborhood, the fall color has still been brilliant.  I've taken the time to slow down & enjoy the colors as we have them.  I choose to walk new routes to my usual places just to be certain I'm not missing spectacular specimens of nature's work.  Someone planted those trees long before I came along to enjoy them, I am grateful for their work. 

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things." ― Robert Brault

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