Recycling Your Christmas Tree

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Now that the glory of your Christmas tree has faded, what are you planning to do with your tree?

How about recycling your tree? Here are some suggestions for recycling your Christmas tree on your own property.
  1. You can have it mulched into wood chips for use in your community or around your house.
  2. It can be reused as an outdoor bird feeder, but remember to remove all items including tinsel. To decorate for the birds, hang strings of popcorn or cranberries, stale bread, and suet on the tree.
  3. Cut the boughs off the tree trunk and use on perennial beds to protect from sudden winter freezes. The naked trunk can then be used to edge a garden.
Do not use an old Christmas tree as firewood in your fireplace. Most evergreens have high levels of creosote and tars, which build up in the chimney.