Firewood Tips for the Homeowner

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A variety of creatures live in or on trees cut for firewood or settle in stacked wood that is destined for the stove or fireplace. Insect invasion of homes from firewood can be reduced by following these rules:
  • Inspect wood as you pick it up. Check surfaces that were on the ground or against other pieces.
  • Brush off the creatures that you see and knock wood together to dislodge what you do not see.
  • Bring in small supplies that will be burned in a few days, rather than large amounts that could stay in place for weeks.
  • In the case of outdoor woodpiles, avoid stacking wood directly on the ground, especially right beside the foundation. This will keep wood from getting too wet and reduce the chances for infestation by termites and ants.
  • Never treat firewood with insecticides.

Adapted from Lee Townsend, Extension Entomologist, University of Kentucky