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Know How, Know More

Introducing: Know How, Know More

Coming this week, our Buckets, Bales, and Bushels blog will become Know How, Know More. Don't fret, the new Know How, Know More will have the same great content, just with some additional avenues of learning!

Here at University of Illinois Extension, we love creating content on food, gardening, farming and more, but we realize that simply reading a blog post may not be the best learning avenue for everyone. Some of our readers may be visual learners and prefer to watch a video to learn how to do something, while others may prefer to listen to podcasts, or they may like each step outlined in a factsheet that's easy to print and read.

In our new Beyond the Basics posts, we'll have several different methods of learning to cover one topic. Launching this Wednesday, you can learn all about Slow Cooker Meals, Container Gardening, and Herbicide Safety.

Look for a new in depth topic debuting each month in addition to our normal weekly posts that you've come to love on the blog. Let us know how you like the new format!