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Thanksgiving - Give Thanks to Our Local Farmers

Local Bourbon Red Turkey

2020 has been quite a year for all of us with all the changes that have been thrust upon us. This includes our farmers who supply fresh produce and meats to our local markets. With the health restrictions, many farmers had to quickly change from face-to-face market sales to online sales with delivery or pick-up. Other farmers had to quickly find new markets for their lost restaurant sales and still, others had to make changes so that customers could safely come to their farms.

The turkey pictured is from Caveny Farm and shows one of their heritage breed Bourbon Red turkeys. While many farms are closed for the winter season, other farms are still open and selling produce and meats all through the winter.

Are you looking for fresh local produce and meats for the holidays? Visit one of our local winter farmers markets in Bloomington, Champaign-Urbana, or Springfield.

As we all sit down to eat our Thanksgiving dinners, please remember to give thanks to our hard-working local foods farmers, who work hard to supply us with fresh local farm products.