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Live Well. Eat Well.

Cheers for the Illinois Nutrition Edition

This March, Nutrition & Wellness Extension Educators across Illinois are excited to celebrate the start of the "Illinois Nutrition Edition" blog. We write this collaborative blog to be your source for information on issues and trends related to food, nutrition, and health.

Nutrition is an ever-changing field, as new research continues to update our understanding of how food and diet affect our health. What was accepted years ago may no longer apply today. (Think about the low-fat diet craze of the 1990s. Today we understand better how fats can and should be part of a healthful diet.)  Thus, this blog will provide you with up-to-date nutrition and health information you can trust.

Tips on using this blog:

  • Find something in each post you can use to make own life and health better.
  • Post comments and questions.
  • Try posted recipes.
  • Follow posted website links to gain even more knowledge.
  • Register for and attend University of Illinois Extension classes in your area that are described in posts.

We want to support your interest and efforts in eating and living more healthful, so continue to read and learn.  Check back often for new posts by our Extension Educators. And remember, feedback is always welcome, so feel free to share your thoughts and questions.

For general healthy eating, check out these resources, including recipes.

                    Nutrition and Health



Today's post was written by Caitlin Huth. Caitlin Huth, MS, RD, is a registered dietitian and Nutrition & Wellness Educator serving DeWitt, Macon, and Piatt Counties. She teaches nutrition- and food-based lessons around heart health, food safety, diabetes, and others. In all classes, she encourages trying new foods, gaining confidence in healthy eating, and getting back into our kitchens.