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Live Well. Eat Well.

Healthy Aging

My birthday was last week and let's just say that I am now listed as "older". A friend sent me a picture of a tshirt that said "I thought getting older would take longer", yes, me too. But here we are. The good news is that the choices we make now, whether you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s or like me in your 50s, will determine your health in the next few decades. We always think there is more time…I'll exercise later, I'll eat healthy later….but the time is now.

Here are a few research-based tips to get you started on the path to a long healthy and active life!

  • Eat berries and grapes (high in antioxidant flavonoids) fresh or frozen
  • Choose brightly colored vegetables for antioxidants and folate
  • Omega 3 oils found in fatty fish like tuna, mackerel and salmon –eat 2 servings per week
  • Vitamin B12 has been shown to have a link to bran health, find it in beef, milk, eggs and fish
  • Dark chocolate and green tea—antioxidants

To simplify, make your plate look like MyPlate—half fruits and veggies, lean meats or nonmeat proteins, whole grains and low-fat dairy. Make sure you exercise 150 minutes per week, even 10 minute increments can make a big difference. Use less salt, not only from a shaker but limit processed foods.

Just remember, eat well now & reap the rewards later.

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