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Our Illinois 4-H Story


We have a holiday tradition in our home. No, it has nothing to do with putting up decorations or cooking our favorite holiday recipe. Ever since the children were old enough to understand, we always try to do one thing.


Every time we go in a store to shop, we drop something in the kettle. The thought is simple, if we have enough money for ourselves; we have enough for others. You may have a similar tradition, such as sponsoring a child or senior citizen during the holidays, or supporting other local giving opportunities.

Teaching children the importance of service is one of the things 4-H does best. The Tufts University Study of Positive Youth Development revealed that 4-H youth are four times more likely to contribute to their community than youth not involved in 4-H.

Giving Tuesday, held after we have gorged ourselves on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is that gentle reminder to give, to drop your coins in the bucket, to think of others and help as you can.

The Illinois 4-H Foundation is asking you to support a child on #GivingTuesday. Your $20 gift will provide a one-year 4-H membership for one child. A $100 gift supports five children.

We think you'll agree, 4-H is one thing every child needs.

Make your tax-deductible gift at Illinois 4-H Foundation and select "Annual Fund."


Judy Mae Bingman, University of Illinois Extension Marketing and Communications Manager

Judy uses powerful words and photography to tell the Extension story. She is a skilled communication strategist and storyteller with demonstrated success in building teams and creating strong organizational brand identities that deepen Extension’s impact among key audiences, build brand loyalty, strengthen employee talent, and expand public engagement. She is a frequent conference presenter at the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents Conference and helps Extension staff across the nation tell compelling stories.