Time to Reflect on 2014

We're wrapping up the end of our 7th year of blogging here at Plan Well, Retire Well Blog. We aim to post about once a week and in 2014 we did pretty well with 54 blog posts. On average, a blog post in 2014 had about 340 page views.

So, just what have we been writing about in 2014? And, what was popular? Let's take a look at the posts with the most page views!

This was the year of worry about data breaches and identity theft, and our blogging reflected that. Pam and Kathy kicked off the year with Goodbye Old Friend -- Why a Major Retailer May Make Me Change My Buying Habits and What to Do to Protect Yourself from Data Breaches. Pam had more to say on the subject in October with Son of a Breach! Plus, she discussed other data bases than credit reports in Your Financial Family Portrait.

Sasha started the New Year with a challenge, 2014 Financial Goal Challenge (and if you missed "the rest of the story" read 2014 Financial Goal Challenge Follow Up: All About that Debt). Her post about Paying Down that Dastardly Debt was also in the Top Posts list for 2014. Another popular post about debt was Pam's Conquering the Apocalypse of Zombie Debt.

Savings was another theme. Karen gave us the scoop on a way to save on medical costs in Health Savings Accounts: What's Not to Love, while Sasha had wedding planning wisdom to share in Bridal Christmas: Wedding Dress Shopping on a Budget. Our top 2014 blog post was on saving money! If you missed it, now is the time to read Sasha's Absorbing Life's Punches: The Importance of Saving for an Emergency Fund.

A couple of posts for youth and young adults, The Best Financial Tool for Young Adults and Fun Financial Game Apps for Kids! were also popular this year.

At the end of 2013, Karen wrote a series about procrastinating and investing. Part 3 of Solutions for Investment Procrastination is our top blog post for all years. Mmmm, something to think about as we start thinking about our financial goals for 2015!

Writing this review of 2014 started me thinking about past years. Curious about what we were talking about in 2010? I summarized it in Favorite Posts in 2010. One hint … we were talking about job changes and the impact on finances. Our blog post summary at beginning of 2009 – after one year of blogging -- further reflects the Great Recession.

As we move into 2015, I'm looking forward to another year of conversations with you about finances and living life. Hopefully it'll be a positive year for us all! Please use our comment section to ask questions or make suggestions for blog posts. We'd love to hear from you! Happy Holidays!