Making Taxes More Fun!

Every year we dread doing the one thing we must get done, and that is filing our taxes. This year, I want to help make taxes more fun and enjoyable!

Have you heard about IRS Tax Form 8888? If not, it's going to be your new best friend this tax season!

IRS Tax Form 8888 let's you do some pretty cool things, especially if you're looking to SAVE money. Let's say (by chance) you're getting back a decent refund. Did you know you could allocate that refund into different accounts? You can allocate some of your refund into checking and some into savings.

But how do you make taxes fun, you ask?

You sign up for SaveYourRefund! By saving as little as $50 dollars into a savings account, certificate of deposit, IRA, prepaid card, savings bond, or Treasure Direct account – you'll be entered to win a $100 daily prize!

But wait… there's more!

If you post a photo of your savings goal or motivation, you could be entered into a contest for the grand prize, which is a whopping $25,000!! To enter: go here to Save Your Refund.

But, why should I save?

Saving is good for all sorts of reasons. For vacations. Emergencies. BIG or little goals. You can save for a rainy day. For your children. For anything, really!

No one is going to be saving for you, but you! YOU have to step up and do it yourself. Why not use tax time to save some of that (potential) refund AND get entered into a fun tax time contest too!