Are you ready to engage with the new normal?

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As many states ease restrictions, there are new decisions to be made regarding how ready one feels (or not) to go out there and engage with the “new normal.” Here in Illinois, we are on track to move into phase four. Among other things, that will mean restaurants can offer indoor service with limited capacity, and movie theaters and gyms will reopen. There will be guidelines in place for all of these, including continuing to wear face masks and physically distance.

While you may be feeling a bit stir crazy, you may also have conflicted feelings about returning to some of your favorite activities given the pandemic. You may also find your friends and family members have different comfort levels than your own when it comes to re-engaging with the public.

While it may be difficult, it is important to take care of yourself in ways that feel right to you. Stay true to your comfort level and continue to take the precautions you feel are necessary.  

I see part of navigating a “new normal” as practice in setting boundaries, and understanding the boundaries of others. You might practice confidently asserting yourself when it comes time to share your feelings with loved ones. You may also find yourself needing to practice patience if you find yourself ready for a night out on the town and your friends are not quite there yet.

While the challenges and opportunities of this pandemic may feel endless at this point, I’m confident with the understanding and support of each other, we will imperfectly, yet effectively traverse this next leg of our journey together.