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Straight Stalk

ACES Global Academy trip to the International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines.

Tomorrow I will spend "two days" on airplanes. Last fall I was nominated by my boss, ACES Associate Dean and Director of Extension, Dr. George Czapar to be a fellow in this year's ACES Global Academy cohort. This program is funded by a generous private endowment to expose ACES faculty to international issues and facilitate collaboration with potential international research partners. This year's cohort is focused on international food security and climate change.

A few weeks ago we were in Washington DC meeting with many of the international entities involved in global food issues. We also attended the Global Food Security Symposium sponsored by The Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Did you know the global value of food that leaves the farm but doesn't make it to the consumer or is wasted, would rank third in a list of counties ranked by GDP?

The University of Illinois College of ACES has existing partnerships with the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and is the destination for the capstone event for this year's Academy Fellows.

Globally, three crops supply more than 50% of the calories consumed by the entire human population. Wheat, rice and corn are the three crops in that order for both consumption and acreage. Any discussion on how to feed the world has to include rice.

If my internet connections hold out and time permits, I will post updates on our 10-day trip here.