Diverse group of business professionals talking

Questions about social equity in public administrations have long been debated. Do today’s professional environments have greater challenges related to diversity, or have the tensions and struggles remained unanswered since before the country’s founding?

A free online webinar hosted by University of Illinois Extension provides an opportunity to explore those tensions, with a focus on strategies, theories, and practices that can be used to promote social equity within the public arena.

Two leading experts in the field of social equity and diversity will lead the discussion at noon, June 10.

If you need a reasonable accommodation to participate in the online session, contact organizer Nancy Ouedraogo at esarey@illinois.edu. Early requests are strongly encouraged.


Kathleen Yang-Clayton will discuss social justice and racial equity campaigns, such as immigrant and voting rights issues. Yang-Clayton is a clinical assistant professor at University of Illinois - Chicago and co-founder of a racial equity leadership development organization.

Tyrone Dooley, associate professor of public administration at University of Illinois - Springfield, will discuss social justice, critical race, social equity, and community development research. Dooley is a guest panelist for the Engaged Citizenship Common Experience Speaker Series. His latest presentation is “The Status of Black Lives Matter: A Shift in Policy, Culture, Justice, and Reform.