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2023 Illinois Performance Tested Bull Sale

angus bull on pasture
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Illinois State Fairgrounds

You can't afford to buy a dud.

You need a bull that's a proven leader in genetics, guaranteed to breed. For more than 50 years, breeders and commercial cow-calf producers have trust the Illinois Performance Tested Bull Sale for proven genetics. The IPT Bull Sale is known for giving bull buyers all necessary information to make positive herd progress. All bulls will have genomic-enhanced EPDs. 

Genomic-enhanced EPDs are more accurate and predictable EPDs. We are reducing the risk on these bulls. The bulls selling can be trusted more now than ever to sire true to their values.

New selling format: Videos of bulls will be shown during the live auction instead of running through the sale ring. All bulls will be on display for buyer inspection during the sale. Halter-broke, as well as docile, non-halter broke bulls are eligible. Non-haltered cattle will be screened for disposition prior to the sale. 

What to expect

Sale order and qualifications are determined by performance in multi-trait economic selection indexes. The sale order is based on the “% Rank” for a maternal and a terminal Dollar Value Index in each breed. The two indexes are included in the sale catalog and include:

  • Angus: $Combined ($C) which consists of $Beef ($B) and $Maternal ($M)
  • Simmental: All Purpose Index (API), Terminal Index (TI)
  • Hereford: Baldy Maternal Index (BMI), Certified Hereford: Beef index (CHB)

Calving ease EPD must be in the top 85th percentile.

Genetic conditions: The most up to date policy on genetic recessive traits can be found on the IPT Bull Sale website.

  • Angus and Simmental bulls must test free or free by pedigree of of AM, NH, CA.
  • Simmentals must also test free of OS, PHA, and TH.
  • Hereford bulls must be free of IE and Hypotrichosis.

Health requirements: All breeding soundness exams must be conducted by a veterinarian.

  • All bulls must test for Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD) using the Persistently Infected (PI) ear notch screening system.
  • Johne’s testing must occur on the bull’s dam or recipient dam or come from a herd that is Level 1 or higher for the Voluntary Johne’s Certification Program.
  • All bulls over 24 months, as well as bulls that have been exposed to cows, will be required to test for trich.
  • Virgin bulls under 24 months of age will need a certificate or written statement endorsed by the bull owner indicating it has not been exposed.

For more information or if you will need an accommodation in order to participate, contact Travis Meteer, Illinois Extension beef educator, at (217)-430-7030 or email Early requests are strongly encouraged to allow sufficient time to meet your access needs.