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What is needed to create a long-term sustainable food system for Illinois?

URBANA, Ill. — Illinois food growers, distributors and activists voiced solutions for creating a more resilient and equitable food system in Illinois: support for growers and producers of all experience levels, investment in education and marketing strategies, and advocacy engagement to secure…

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Take steps to build a strong foundation for diabetes care

URBANA, Ill. — Over 37.3 million Americans live with diabetes, and another 38% of adults have prediabetes. Raising awareness and learning as much as possible about preventing and treating diabetes is essential. University of Illinois Extension offers Diabetes 101, a free online series to help…

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Explore mysterious creatures of Illinois with fall Everyday Environment series

URBANA, Ill. — Illinois’ landscapes are home to various creatures, including native and invasive species. From mussels to lamprey eels in Lake Michigan to in the trees with bats and owls, join University of Illinois Extension to explore nature’s mysterious creatures.

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linda perucca demonstrates a food science skill on zoom
Youth get hands-on look at future in food science
Urbana, Ill. – Fifty-six youth from across Illinois got a hands-on look at a future in food science at a recent 4-H Food with Food Science virtual workshop held Feb. 16. In this interactive experience, youth were able to work with food scientist and 4-H alum, Linda Perucca, to learn more about...
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Grow confidence when choosing seed packets for your garden
URBANA, Ill. – When planning a garden, seeds are an inexpensive investment when compared to buying plants. Gardeners have three basic seed selection choices: hybrid, open-pollinated, and heirloom seeds. What is the difference? Hybrid seeds, also called F1 hybrids, are developed by plant...
rows of young corn plants growing in sunny field
Illinois Extension to create holistic regenerative ag course
URBANA, Ill. – Illinois’ agriculture industry is rooted in its soil. Now, University of Illinois Extension is continuing to invest in the earth by developing a regenerative agricultural program to bring healthy soil practices to farms and gardens statewide. The North Central Region...
White-tailed deer standing amongst trees in a grassy area.
Researchers seek information on close encounters of the deer kind
Researchers at the University of Illinois are asking adults in Illinois to complete an online survey about their experiences with wild white-tailed deer. The survey is part of a larger effort by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and...
Angus bull
IPT bulls average $4,400, exceed previous sales
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – This year's Illinois Performance Tested Bull Sale average exceeded all previous sales, averaging $4,440 on the 49 lots offered Feb. 23 at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield.  "This sale continues to be one of the best sources for total performance genetics...
graphs showing nutrient load changes in Illinois
Study forecasts tile drainage and crop rotation changes for nitrogen loss
URBANA, Ill. – Midwestern agriculture contributes the vast majority of nitrogen in the Gulf of Mexico, causing an oxygen-starved hypoxic zone and challenging coastal economies. State and federal policies have tried for decades to provide solutions and incentives, but the hypoxic zone keeps...
Four horticulture educators with award plaques with Dr. Nickols-Richardson
Evaluate and adjust: Four Seasons Gardening wins state evaluation award
URBANA, Ill. – A popular Extension gardening program was honored by University of Illinois Extension for its dedication to constant evaluation and adaptation of educational programming. The Four Seasons Gardening series addresses home and community garden issues that encourage residents to...
White-tailed deer standing amongst trees in a grassy area.
Be part of a successful deer donation program
URBANA, Ill. – In response to rising food and meat prices and the challenges food pantries have in obtaining meat, University of Illinois Extension, along with key partners, launched the Illinois Deer Donation Program in 2022. This 12-county pilot program fought food insecurity by matching...
Extension employees
Illinois Strong Couples program earns Extension Excellence Award
URBANA, Ill. – Unmitigated, chronic relationship distress can significantly impair the health and well-being of individuals, their families, and the broader community. A University of Illinois Extension program was recently honored for its innovative approach to offer education and coaching for...
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Be a part of the history of soils in Illinois
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Your land, your soil may have been part of an historical and extensive soil sampling program dating back to 1899 by University of Illinois. University researchers and Illinois Nutrient Research and Education Council are looking for...
Person holding a knife and fork up to an empty plate.
Addressing food insecurity and its impact on health
URBANA, Ill. – Hunger is a condition in which people do not get enough food to provide the necessary nutrients to lead active and productive lives. Food insecurity, on the other hand, refers to economic and social conditions that limit access to safe and nutritious food in sufficient quantities...

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