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Up close view of a brown marmorated stink bug on a green leaf.

New online agriculture course grows skills in identifying corn, soybean field insects

URBANA, Ill. — One thing is for sure, if there is a farm field, insects will visit it. Having the skills to identify insects inhabiting crop fields across the Midwest improves one’s ability to identify and effectively manage insect pests while avoiding unnecessary interventions that may…

Wind farm over a field of soybeans

Illinois clean energy transition excludes key constituents in energy justice equation

URBANA, Ill. — Illinois has made transitioning to clean energy a major priority in recent years with the passage of the Future Energy Jobs Act in 2016 and the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act in 2021. Both pieces of legislation prioritize an equitable transition, aiming to avoid and address…

Overhead view of farmland filled with solar panels.

Attend field day to learn how agrivoltaics boosts energy, resiliency in food production

URBANA, Ill. — Continuing to feed a growing world is the agriculture industry's future, and the demand for sustainability is here. One avenue of exploration includes agrivoltaics or solar energy within production agriculture.

“The relatively recent idea combines solar panels for…

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Opportunity to learn practical money management strategies
URBANA, Ill. — Navigating financial management can often seem overwhelming and intimidating, particularly for those uncertain about how to begin. Studies have shown that financial stress can have detrimental effects on both physical and emotional well-being. Therefore, having access to practical...
Black Angus cow standing in a snowy, grassy pasture amongst evergreen trees.
Discuss beef cattle management at Dudley Smith Farm winter meeting
URBANA, Ill. — Discussions and decisions made during the winter months can impact managing a beef cattle operation all year. The Dudley Smith Winter Farm Meeting is a chance to come together to learn through the farm’s traditions, sustainable agriculture practices, and hands-on research...
Several different succulent plants in a small planter
Did you forget to water your plants? Try low-maintenance succulents
URBANA, Ill. — Liven up your home this winter by introducing carefree and cheery succulents. Succulents offer interesting shapes and colors with their unique fleshy, plump leaves. The best part is they are relatively simple to care for if you can provide ample light. A few easy-care...
Nurturing Foundations logo
Learn tips for a healthy pregnancy, toddler nutrition
URBANA, Ill. — The 1,000 days between a person's pregnancy and their child's second birthday offer a unique opportunity to build a healthier and more prosperous future, so knowing how to care for mother and baby during this period is vital. The University of Illinois Extension...
Agriculture Climate Tools Workshop
Weather a changing climate on the farm now and in the future
URBANA, Ill. — The only thing certain about modern farming is that things are always changing, and today’s weather isn’t your grandparents’ weather. Growing seasons are shifting, and extreme weather events like storms, floods, droughts, and wildfires are becoming more common....
a corgi dog standing in deep snow
Keep dogs safe this winter
URBANA, Ill. — As the days inch further and further into winter and frigid temperatures, Dr. Pavlovsky, director of the University of Illinois Veterinary Medicine South Clinic, has...
Two blooming Amaryllis flowers
Bloom in the winter with gift of amaryllis bulb kit
URBANA, Ill. — The gift of gardening is an experience anyone can appreciate this holiday season. Take the stress out of shopping this holiday season and give a blooming amaryllis kit that brings the beauty of nature indoors. Poinsettias are beautiful, popular holiday plants, but the gift...
Growing Great Vegetables
Dig in with confidence with spring vegetable gardening workshops
URBANA, Ill. — Growing a vegetable garden takes work, but sometimes the hardest part is knowing where to start. Grow with confidence this spring with Growing Great Vegetables, a five-week webinar series from University of Illinois Extension that explores everything from seeds and soil to a...
Image of report cover on photo of lake
Illinois continues work to improve waterways by reducing nutrient pollution
URBANA, Ill. — The loss of nutrients into Illinois’ lakes, streams, and rivers harms water quality here and downstream all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. The Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy, NLRS, was established in 2015 and is designed to reduce nutrient pollution in Illinois’...
Person talking in a microphone in the front of seated guests.
New Funding, New Brand: I-Regen
URBANA, Ill. — The Illinois Regenerative Agriculture Initiative (IRAI) marks the successful completion of its first three years with a new name: I-Regen. The name change reflects an ongoing...
Group of people on a farm tour standing listening to a speaker
Getting agriculture carbon market questions answered
URBANA, Ill. — When looking to adopt new agricultural practices, it is helpful to hear about experiences from neighbors and locate resources to answer questions. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Illinois...

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