Livingston County Master Gardener Projects

Garden Pots at 4-H Park

18142 4H Park Road, Pontiac, IL

  • An annual theme of plants fills the garden pots located throughout 4-H Park.

  • Plants for Pollinators is a recent and popular theme!

  • Plants are always picked based on the conditions of each pots location (sun vs. shade)

Dargan Park

732 E Madison St, Pontiac, IL

  • A native plant garden showcasing the beauty of native native plants in the landscape.
  • Each native plant was selected to create a continuous display of color throughout the season.
  • Additional special features include the garden's designation as a Monarch Waystation and Pollinator Pocket.
dargan park pollinator plot

Extension Office Prairie and Pollinator Garden

1412 S Locust St, Pontiac, IL

  • Sited at the Livingston County Extension Office to educate visitors on the use of native plants in the home landscape.
  • Garden selections bloom throughout the season offering habitat and pollen from early spring to late autumn.
  • High value plants offering nectar or pollen are planted in clumps to reduce each pollinators (bird, bee or butterflies) workload for finding food!
  • The garden is a source of pollinator observations for I-Pollinate and is designed as a Pollinator Pocket.

This garden is currently in re-development. If you are interested in seeing it expand into a registered wildlife habitat or a Monarch Waystation, contact the Livingston Master Gardener.

prairie and pollinator garden

The Village of Flanagan

124 S Main St, Flanagan, IL

Artesian Park, Flanagan, IL

  • Master Gardeners provide horticulture guidance to the Village of Flanagan for educational and beautification purposes.
  • Flanagan Library is promoting an ongoing community beautification program, and Master Gardeners are helping. After receiving two grants, Master Gardeners created a registered Monarch Waystation as well as a Pollinator Pocket at the Flanagan Library. They were instrumental in having 6 raised beds built, raised beds that now beautify Artesian Park. Flowers are chosen from the school’s greenhouse and planted each year by Master Gardeners for these raised beds along with beds at the two Welcome signs, the Community Center, Legion Lake, Polli Nator’s Garden, and the library grounds. Master Gardeners continue to offer horticulture related advice to the Village.
two images. On the left, a huge galvanized planter with purple fountain grass and geraniums. on the right, a pot with purple fountain grass and portulaca in the background a large library sign and a brick building with pink roses.

Flanagan School Garden

202 E Falcon Hwy, Flanagan, IL

Originated in the 1990’s, the garden was created as a butterfly garden. One part was devoted to native prairie plants and one part consisted of flowering perennials. Teachers did the original plantings and students sometimes visited the garden during school. Later, the high school agriculture classes added a raised vegetable garden. In the spring of 2015, the garden underwent a transformation with the help of the Livingston County Master Gardeners. Grade school classes were invited to help plant a sunflower house, vegetables, and annual flowers. In the fall, they helped plant daffodils and tulips. The high school horticulture class planned and planted a perennial border. These planting days with students continue each spring and fall. Classes come out for story times and visit the garden to look for insects and to learn about plants. The most recent project is the I-Pollinate Garden. This garden was created to learn about attracting pollinators with annuals and swamp milkweed. The garden has become a learning experience for students and Master Gardeners. It enhances the beauty of the school and receives many compliments from teachers, staff, students, and community members. The garden is registered as a Master Gardener project, a Pollinator Pocket, and a Monarch Waystation.

flanagan school garden

Educational Outreach Programs


Youth Enrichment Lessons

Master Gardeners created an outreach program for youth in the schools of Livingston County. Work in groups of three, volunteers present 45-minute lessons to students to 5th grade and 2nd grade classes during the fall and spring of each school year. Lessons are provided on a variety of topics such as insects, the prairie food chain, and seeds. The lessons are well received by students and teachers in the county.

A Day in the Garden Patch

A morning filled with gardening education, hosted in spring just in time to help gardeners find inspiration on their own gardening projects. There is always a make and take component and time to gather with other gardeners. This program sells out every spring as it is loved by gardeners in the community.