Growing a healthy productive garden takes time. 

The delights of a garden emerge slowly, with hard work and dedication. Creating a colorful oasis of plants is possible with the right knowledge and a plan. Illinois Extension offers research-based information to help you grow the perfect plant combinations – spring through fall. With simple steps and practical advice, your garden will bloom every season. 

Whether gardening at home, supporting a community garden, or connecting with youth through gardening, Illinois Extension offers in-person programming and online resources: watch a video on the Illinois Extension Horticulture Youtube page; read Gardeners Corner for seasonal gardening advice; or find answers to plant problems in the Illinois Extension plant info sheets.

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Flowers, Fruits, & Frass Blog


If you're looking for a casual read or seeking an answer to a garden question, the educational information found in our blog will deliver the answers you need to grow a garden with confidence.

Youth Gardening

At home or in the classroom, hands-on gardening is available to you and your young learners
a child using a hand tool is seen through an eye-level view that looks through a garden bed

School Garden Guide

Help children grow-up with gardening

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a child's muddy hands work in one of three terra cotta pots and adult hands wait ready to help in the background

Little Roots Garden Program

Our garden program in your backyard

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Livingston, McLean, and Woodford County

Master Gardeners


Growing healthy productive plants requires gardening knowledge. University of Illinois Extension Master Gardeners have the knowledge to help every gardener succeed. Ask a gardening question; request a presentation; join a community of gardeners.

We are here to help.