Master Naturalists

master naturalists stand in a tallgrass prairie

What is the Master Naturalist Program?

The mission of our program is to provide science-based educational opportunities that connect people with nature and help them become engaged environmental stewards. Our vision is to give individuals the opportunity to experience nature, develop knowledge of and respect for the environment, and practice natural resource stewardship.

What volunteer services do Master Naturalists provide?

Volunteer service projects may include "wildscape" maintenance; stream bank, wetland, forest, and prairie restoration; fish, wildlife, and plant inventories; environmental education programs for youth and adults; interpretive tours at a nature or visitor center.

How do I become a Master Naturalist?

Master Naturalists are adults 18 and older who love the natural environment. They must be members of the local community who are interested in habitats, ecosystems, natural resources and the environment and who are willing to devote time to volunteering and ongoing training.

Certified Master Naturalists are only those who have completed their classroom training and internship. To be considered an active Master Naturalist, one's volunteer service and continuing education requirements must remain current each year.

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Master Naturalist Brochure

The Master Naturalist Program is eligible for CPDU credits. The following resources may be useful for those leading courses for master naturalists.

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