McLean County 4-H Special Interest Clubs

Improve team-building and explore interests with a 4-H SPIN Club.

A 4-H SPIN club is a special interest club where young people meet to learn about a specific topic of interest. Topics vary and include interests, such as animals, science, engineering, leadership, technology, and more.

McLean County 4-H SPIN Clubs

Below you can find the active 4-H Special Interest Clubs in McLean County.



  • Team Metal Cow
    • Leader: Florian Rueck *Contact the Extension Office for more information
  • Power Surge
    • Leader: Devanand Chatrathi *Contact the Extension Office for more information


Shooting Sports

McLean County Shooting Sports SPIN Club (Archery & Shotgun)

This SPIN Club offers workshops for Archery and Shotgun. You will need to pay for the workshops online during registration.  Archery is $3/workshop and Shotgun is $10/workshop. Payment is required at time of registration for Shotgun. To participate in Archery youth must be 8 years old and to participate in Shotgun youth must be 12 years old. (ages are determined by September 1, 2023).

CIPS Kids 4-H SPIN Club (Air Rifle/Pistol and Outdoor Skills)

This SPIN Club offers workshops for Air Rifle, Pistol, and Outdoor Skills. To sign up for a 6- week workshop in Air Rifle/Pistol, please contact Kurt Willoughby. Outdoor Skills will also be offered during the 6-week air rifle/pistol workshops. To participate in Air Rifle, Pistol, or Outdoor Skills you must be 8 years old. (ages are determined by September 1, 2023).

Teen Leadership

Teen Leadership clubs are for 4-H members ages 13 and older.

4-H Teen Teachers

Teens in this club focus on strengthening communities and exploring career paths while developing and enhancing leadership, problem-solving, communication, and collaboration skills. Teens give back to their communities by teaching and mentoring younger youth through developing and  leading programs, workshops, and camps in a variety of content areas. Teens must be 13 or older to apply.

4-H Federation

4-H youth who are in the 8th or above may join a Federation Club.  Federation is the banding together of youth from different clubs into one representative group.  Leadership Training, Decision Making, County or Unit Event Planning, and Socialization are the focus of Federation members. Meetings are held at the McLean County Extension Office.


To participate in a McLean County 4-H SPIN Club, youth must be enrolled in ZSuite for the 2022-2023 program year (September 1st, 2022- August 31st, 2023). 

For more information on how to enroll, go to the 4-H in McLean County page.

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