Germantown Hills School Garden


103 Warrior Way, Germantown Hills, IL

Germantown Hills School is home to a "hidden treasure". Once the site of a bare courtyard, even neglected by the weeds, it is now the site of a standout garden, blooming most brilliantly in spring and summer. 

Designed as a memorial to staff and an outdoor education space, the project consists of eight individual garden spaces: Vegetable Garden, Herb Garden, Shade Garden, Prairie Garden, Bird Garden, Blue and White Garden (school colors), Bulb Garden, and Butterfly Garden.

The space also features a gazebo and an extensive water feature that includes a koi pond, a waterfall, and a bridge crossing a stream. All plantings were chosen to look best in spring and fall when students are present.

Truly a community effort, students, Master Gardeners and school staff engage with and maintain the garden year-round:

  • SPRING: Seeds sown by 3rd-graders who return in fall as 4th-graders, discover a transformation...  
  • SUMMER: Master Gardeners and custodial staff nurture each year's growth
  • FALL: 4th-graders collect and pass on the seeds to a new class of 3rd-graders 

Other grades, from kindergarten to middle school, plant bulbs, release butterflies, or explore the garden through a scientific lens or literary work. Students also benefit from the space during sessions on personal development like speech therapy or consulting a counselor. Seventh and eighth graders have helped to haul in and spread mulch and compost, wheelbarrow after heavy wheelbarrow.

Whether seeking a space for personal development or hauling a load of mulch, students and staff are always welcomed by a croak, a buzz, or flutter from a friendly critter!

Photo Credit: L. Repplinger, Illinois Extension

Woodford County Courthouse


115 N Main St, Eureka, IL

In 2009, Green Acres Herb Farm approached Woodford Master Gardeners to partner on a demonstration garden at the Woodford County courthouse and increase the public’s awareness to the beauty and value of herbs.

Each year, Master Gardeners add new herbs to the collection, labels existing plantings, and oversee general care of the garden. In recent years, the Master Gardeners have expanded to beatifying the building entrance with low maintenance plantings. Their spring bulb display is worth noting!

Master Gardeners use their expertise to educate public on how to grow and use herbs with tips and pictures in local media.

Photo Credit: L. Repplinger, Illinois Extension

Educational Programs

Gardeners' Gathering

Inspiring, educating and encouraging gardeners, whether they have a balcony and a sunny window or an acre to grow. This educational event is for all who love plants and want to discover new gardening hacks and tips while having fun.