4-H in Woodford County

What's it like in 4-H?

In 4-H, you get to decide what topics and projects interest you most. You make 4-H what you want it to be. Work on many projects or focus on one or two. Choose what events sound fun to you, and do them. In 4-H, you have an important role in making your community a better place to live, but you don’t have to do it alone. As a club, you’ll figure out what’s needed most in your neighborhood and find ways to help.

In 4-H, you’re part of a family working together. At club meetings, you’ll learn how to get along with others as you build your skills and help your community. In 4-H, you’ll meet adults who care about you and want to help you succeed. 4-H matches you with mentors who will coach you in areas like problem solving, communicating, and teamwork. 4-H introduces you to potential careers and then gives you the training to get the career you want.

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Information At-A-Glance

Fairs and Shows


2024 Woodford County 4-H Show Book

2024 Woodford County 4-H Show Schedule 


2023 Woodford County 4-H Show Book

2023 Woodford County 4-H Show Schedule

Woodford County 4-H Exhibit Report

Ambassador Application 2023

What Project Books Do I Need?

The 4-H Project Book Selection Guide lists all of the 4-H projects that require a project book for completion, the project book name, and a link to access or purchase your needed project book. 


Livestock Certifications

  • Access the YQCA workshop signups. This is an annual training for those with projects in beef, dairy, goat, sheep, and swine. Need help signing up? Here's a helpful instruction sheet to walk you through the process.
  • Earn your QAEC Certification here. This free training is for those with projects in cat, dog, horse, poultry. This certification is to be completed only once in a 4-H member's career. (This page asks for a token, however, you can simply hit 'next' to continue)



Lamb and Goat



County Awards - Member Records and Awards

Member Awards


Important Note: Applying for the Record Book Award requires both of the following two items:

  1. My Activities Record Sheet
  2. At least one 4-H Project Record Sheet (see above options) or Livestock Record Book

Woodford County 4-H Scholarship 
We are pleased to introduce a new Woodford County 4-H Scholarship! This scholarship serves to reward Woodford County 4-H members/recent alum who have exhibited outstanding leadership, citizenship, and community service during their 4-H career. Deadline for submission to the offs is September 30, 2024. This scholarship is generously funded by the Woodford County 4-H and Extension Foundation and the University of Illinois Extension.

Club and Community Awards

Club and Community Awards


State 4-H site for additional state awards can be found on the Illinois 4-H Website

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Opportunity For All
Woodford County 4-H is committed to creating a diverse, equitable, and accessible environment for all members, past, present, and future.