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From food safety to chronic disease prevention and management to overall nutrition, Illinois Extension is committed to helping families across the state and beyond live the best versions of their lives. A variety of health and wellness programs and training opportunities are available for individuals, community groups, childcare providers, food service staff, and more. If you have a question, please reach out to one of our staff below to learn more.

Simply Nutritious, Quick and Delicious Blog

Jenna Smith, Registered Dietitian, brings you helpful tips and recipes to make meals easy, healthy and tasty!

Diabetes Clinic Recorded Webinars 

Diabetes clinics are informal but informational programs with a different topic each month designed especially for persons living with diabetes. Register using the following links for access to the recorded webinars. 

Managing Stress & Diabetes - Understanding how stress impacts the body, as well as learning techniques to reduce stress, are important ways to manage diabetes care and overall health.

Taking Comfort in Food - By understanding what emotional eating is and finding healthy ways to satisfy those food cravings while keeping the carbohydrate count down, we can be successful in our diabetes management.

Bite into Breakfast - Learn how to plan ahead and use the Diabetes Plate Method or Carbohydrate Counting Method to establish healthy breakfast habits. 

Diabetes: Beyond the Basics - This lesson will go beyond the basics of diabetes, and will dive deeper into the latest research and management of diabetes. 

Kitchen Food & Safety - This recorded webinar will address the proven ways to maintain a safe environment while handling and preparing your favorite dishes.

Healthy Conveniences - This recorded webinar will cover what it means to be a healthy convenience, what to look for when shopping, and how to meal prep with healthy convenience foods in mind. 

Free Pressure Canner Testing

Pressure Cooker

Dial pressure canner gauges need to be tested once a year. Over time, a dial gauge’s calibration can become inaccurate and show an incorrect pressure. If the pressure is even slightly lower than recommended, the internal temperature of the food will not be high enough to kill all the bacteria, and harmful toxins can build up and cause illness or death.

To get your pressure canner dial gauge tested, drop off your lid at the Livingston, McLean or Woodford County Extension office. Once the lid is tested, you will be contacted about the results and for pick up.

Be Active, Be Healthy Challenge

Welcome to our Nutrition & Wellness summer challenge! 

From July 6 - August 4, look for daily posts on the STEAM in the Classroom Facebook Page that will include fun food science activities, new recipe ideas, and active ways to keep your mind and body healthy. 

ChooseMyPlate Website

University of Illinois Extension: Handwashing video

Flowers, Fruits, and Frass Blog: Kitchen scrap gardening 





Cooking with Children: This factsheet includes information on kitchen safety and age-appropriate cooking activities. 

Creative Ways to Use Leftovers: Instead of tossing out leftovers, save time and money by reusing them to create new meals. 

Substitutions for Common Ingredients: When you're missing ingredients, check to see if there is a substitution before making an extra trip to the grocery store. 

How to Build an Emergency Food Supply: Access to safe food is a major concern during any emergency or natural disaster. 

Easy Steps to Freezing Foods: Freezing is one of the easiest ways to store foods for a long period of time. 

What Can I Freeze?: A list of how long common foods will last in the freezer. 

Identifying Reliable Health Information: Learn to identify trustworthy sources for important health and wellness information.