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Master Gardeners share unbiased, research-based horticultural information with home gardeners and landscapers. The organization also encourages young people to enjoy the pleasures of flower and vegetable growing through the Junior Master Gardener program.

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Our Help Desk answers questions year round about flowers, vegetables, ornamentals, trees, insects, and more!

How To Become A Master Gardener

Applications to become a Master Gardener are taken every other year. Applicants go through a screening and interview process. Once accepted, attendance at all Master Gardener training classes is required to complete the training. Master Gardeners participate in more than 60 hours of classroom instruction on basic botany, vegetables, soils, herbs, wildlife control, insects, turfgrass, flowers, diseases, woody ornamentals, fruits, and pesticide safety.

Following the training sessions, Master Gardener interns are required to complete a 60-hour internship through approved volunteer services.

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