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STEAM in the Classroom

STEAM in the Classroom is a University of Illinois Extension program developed to educate youth on concepts within Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Agriculture, and Math. We are introducing new programs involved with STEAM in order to provide authentic learning experiences for youth in McLean County. 

We serve educational facilities expanding Livingston, McLean, and Woodford counties including (but of course not limited to) 4-H Clubs, Library Programs, Youth Programs, Daycares, and K-12 Schools. Educational programming presentations, upon request.

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STEAM at Home

We have been working very hard to provide wonderful STEAM learning experiences to you, wherever you may be! Please enjoy these virtual programs. You can find more on our STEAM Facebook Page.

14 Day STEAM at Home Challenge

Be Active, Be Healthy Challenge

Butterfly Adventures: From Caterpillar to Butterfly

STEAM Bingo Challenge

What's Quackin'? Embryology Program

E-Library of Virtual Workshops

Ag Challenge
Ag Challenge

Youth will choose an issue from one of the following topics, perform research on the topic issue, and find a solution to present in video format.

Open to all youth ages 8-18. Ag challenge submission forms and presentations must be submitted by the end of the day on 11/16/2020. Register here to participate by November 1.

All youth who submit a final presentation will receive a prize!

Videos will be a maximum of 5 minutes in length and will share the youth's research and findings.

Some current topics and issues are listed below as suggestions, but youth are welcome to find a solution to an issue that is not listed.


  • Solutions for an oversupply of dairy milk
  • Preventative measures for supply chain interruptions


  • Solutions for weather tolerant crops
  • How to keep up with the increasing land prices and input costs


  • How to reduce environmental footprint while still using efficient equipment
  • Access to required equipment


  • How to keep up with all of the changes, or succeed without keeping up
  • How to utilize your community to idea-share


  • Solutions for erosion
  • Maintaining the nutrients in the soil 


  • Breaking into commercial agriculture
  • Decisions on pesticide use

John Maitland Agriculture Awareness Grant

McLean County teachers can apply for a grant up to $1,000 by incorporating agriculture in the classroom.

Applications are accepted October 5-November 27, 2020.


George E. Holder Agriculture Awareness Grant

McLean County teachers can apply for a grant up to $1,000 by implementing a gardening project that services either the community, school or students.

Applications are accepted January 22-February 28, 2021.


Check out the FREE resources offered to teachers, home-school groups, 4-H leaders and other youth development organizations. 

Current Resource Catalog

Thank you for showing interest in the resources offered by all of us at University of Illinois Extension in Livingston, McLean and Woodford Counties. The resources in our catalog are available free of charge. Teachers, 4-H leaders and community youth organizations are encouraged to educate youth and create authentic experiences that enrich learning.

We hope these resources are an easy-to-use way to get your youth involved with fun, hands-on activities guided by research-based curriculum. If you find that any resource does not live up to that expectation, please provide feedback so we can ensure quality resources for the youth.

Chick it Out

This program is a long-standing tradition that successfully promotes agriculture in local schools. When you register for Chick it Out, you will get 1 dozen fertilized chicken eggs from University of Illinois campus, and enough chicken feed to last the few days you have your chicks. In addition, you can check out an incubator, egg turner, candler, and embryology curriculum. This registration also gets you access to embryology resources to keep you informed and help you throughout your unit. Materials and curriculum for this program are free for participants. 

Spring program dates coming soon

**During the 2020/2021 school year, we will be having the Chick it Out program run in the Fall as well as the Spring semester. During these registrations, we are collecting feedback on when is the best time to have this program in the future and a decision will be made and announced after the Spring 2020 program registration closes.  Registration for the Spring Chick it Out program will open mid-January 2021.**