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    If you’ve ever been confused about the dates stamped on food products, you’re not alone. A United States consumer survey appearing in the Waste Management journal reported 84% of consumers discard food near the package date at least occasionally. However, the package date rarely has anything to do with the safety of the food product. This contributes to a lot of food unnecessarily wasted.

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    While you may be pumping iron at your gym, your body is pumping iron every day. Most of the iron that our bodies absorb is used to make hemoglobin, a part of red blood cells that transport oxygen and carbon dioxide throughout the body. Since our bodies cannot make this essential nutrient, we need to make sure that we are eating foods high in iron to avoid iron deficiency anemia.

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    This blog post is written by Illinois State University graduate student and dietetic intern, Jesi Thome.  

    Have you ever wondered why people say water is so important? We grow up hearing “make sure to drink plenty of water” for everything! If it’s hot outside, drink water. If it’s cold outside, drink water. If you’re sick, better drink water. If you wake up, drink! But why water?

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    Many people are ready to enjoy more than the four cornered walls of their homes, which is why there has been more of an interest in forest bathing (this does not involve actual bathing!) Quite simply, it is the conscious connection with the natural environment. Whether it’s a hike to strengthen the physical body or a hike to strengthen the mind, it’s important to be prepared with meals, snacks and drinks.

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    Baker’s yeast has had such a rapid increase in consumer sales that manufactures have had a hard time producing enough to keep it stocked on store shelves. More time at home means more time to create homemade bread, no longer a thing in the past. If you’re new to bread making, start by learning about the different types of yeast.

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    Other than breastmilk, I can honestly say I have never stored milk in the freezer…until now. This is the time to put that freezer to good use. Freezing is one of the easiest ways to store food for longer periods of time. Before you go to the store, check your freezer(s) to make sure you have the space. If you don’t already have a freezer thermometer, add it to the grocery list, and maintain the freezer temperature at 0°F or below.  

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    As my household has been stocking up on canned foods like never before, I had to laugh when my husband brought home a can of fruit cocktail. It’s been years since I had fruit cocktail, and it immediately made me think of my dad and his fruit cocktail cookies that he used to make. While I would always be disappointed that the cookies weren’t chocolate chip, I still ate them!  

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    Some of you may have noticed a new milk on the market, known as “A2 milk.” This is not one of those alternative milks, such as almond, rice, or soy, but rather it is an alternative type of cow’s milk. The claim is that A2 milk is “easier on digestion.” A2 milk supporters recommend it for those who think they are lactose intolerant. They believe that for some people, it may not be the lactose in the milk that is giving them gastrointestinal distress, but rather a type of protein called A1 beta casein found in regular and lactose-free milk.

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    As the weather is growing warmer and more and more people are itching to get out of the house, picnic meals may be the answer to those craving a change in scenery. Whether it’s a picnic in your backyard or at an open park, keep both food safety and fun in mind when planning.

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    An estimated 30-50 million American adults experience lactose intolerance, many of which completely avoid all dairy products. However, is abstinence from dairy products necessary?

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    This blog post is written by Illinois State University graduate student and dietetic intern, Jessica Schultz. 

    One of the greatest life skills you can teach kids is how to cook. It is something they will need to use every day, since we need to eat to survive! Getting them in the kitchen early is a great way to expose them to a variety of foods, ultimately setting them up for a lifetime of healthy eating.

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    This blog post is written by Illinois State University graduate student and dietetic intern, Jessica Schultz. 

    During times of crisis and change, some foods may be a little harder to find in the store, and if you are lucky enough to find them, there may be a limit on how much you can purchase. To help with this, use these tips and recipe alternates to limit the amount of essential ingredients you use.


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    This blog post is written by Illinois State University graduate student and dietetic intern, Alyssa Laing.

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    This blog post is written by Illinois State University graduate student and dietetic intern, Alyssa Laing.

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    It looks like a burger. It tastes like a burger. It even “bleeds” like a burger. However, this burger is not made of meat. Plant-based burgers and meat alternatives are the trendy new food that have hit the market in response to consumer’s eco-friendly demands.  

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    Paprika is the dash of red color that usually tops deviled eggs. It’s a spice that some cooks would consider more of a garnish than a powerful flavoring agent. However, paprika comes in three different types, each with its own tasty purpose.

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    Puff pastry and phyllo (or filo) dough produce amazing appetizers, breakfast pastries, and decadent desserts. While you can get out your French rolling pin and make them yourself, you can also settle for the convenience of grabbing a package from the frozen food aisle. Both doughs are flaky and delicious, but they shouldn’t be used interchangeably.

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    As Valentine’s Day approaches, you may find yourself reflecting on relationships. Positive relationships, whether with a partner, child, parent or friend, can be strengthened by doing activities together. This holiday, consider cooking a meal with your loved one, which can be just as nourishing for the relationship as it is for the body.

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    Brown sugar can give a rich caramel flavor to sweeten so many foods. As it sits in your pantry next to the canister of white granulated sugar, you may have wondered, “What makes brown sugar brown?”