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Thyme to enjoy fresh herbs

Now is the thyme to enjoy fresh herbs. I have been enjoying the bounty of my herb garden, which my husband and I planted in a garden box made out of a recycled wooden pallet. It sits just outside our back patio for easy access. Thyme is an herb that we plant every year, as I use it in so many dishes.  Fresh thyme has thin woody stems with small leaves packed with aroma and flavor. There are numerous varieties of thyme, but most have an earthy, floral taste that compliment many soups,...
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Perk up your dinner with pesto

Pesto isn’t just for the fine dining of the rich and famous. Rather, it can be a part of the regular ol' American family dinner. While it may seem like a fancy and unnecessary addition to an otherwise tasty meal, its bold taste can elevate a food to a whole new level. Take a simple grilled chicken, for example: even when seasoned with a dry rub, it is just ordinary chicken. But when pesto is spread on top, it creates a completely different dish. How to make pesto The best part of pesto is...
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