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Child nutrition

All life stages accounted for in the new dietary guidelines

Years of scientific research tells us that there is a connection between food and health. Evidence shows that a healthy diet as part of an active lifestyle can reduce the risk of chronic disease. However, with nutritional advice constantly circulating the internet, how do we know what is sound advice based on scientific research? Since 1980, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans has served as the overarching tool for health professionals to help guide the eating habits of individuals and...
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Making quick meals for at-home learning

The school year certainly looks very different this year. While some children are eating lunches at school, many others are eating and learning from home. Suddenly parents or caregivers find themselves searching for quick, easy meals to fuel their children for an afternoon of learning. Use MyPlate as a guide for planning and eating healthy meals at home. Stock the pantry, refrigerator and freezer full of foods with protein, such as eggs, beans, nuts...
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