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Nutrition Education

Pomegranate split open, with a few seeds on the table

Catch pomegranates at their peak

By now, you’ve likely heard of the somewhat peculiar fruit, the pomegranate. It’s beautiful red color, round shape and distinctive crown make an attractive display in the grocery store. Pomegranates are only in season during the early winter months, which means you’d better grab them now before...
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Red apples on the left side, green apples on the right side, with text that says "it's apple season!"

Make way for apple season

Apple season is here! Make way for apple pie, apple cider, apple crisp, caramel apples and more. Apples are available year-round in supermarkets, but the experience of your own apple-picking at a local orchard brings a whole new level of excitement to this popular fruit. There are many varieties...
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Text says "Eating for a healthy gut" with a picture of a yogurt parfait with yogurt, granola, and berries

Eating for a healthy gut

Your gut microbiome is a complex ecosystem of microbes, such as bacteria and viruses, living in your gastrointestinal tract. While you may not even know this community of living things is inside your body, it has a tremendous effect on your health. In fact, keeping this microbiome healthy can help...
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Carton of brown eggs

What do all those labels on egg cartons mean?

There are so many things to think about when buying eggs, including the different grades, different colors, different ways the chicken is raised and the date on the carton. Here’s a few answers to your questions. Grades- USDA Grade A eggs are the most common eggs sold in stores. Grade A eggs...
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Grapes, tomato, lettuce, bread, cheese, meat, and red pepper.

All life stages accounted for in the new dietary guidelines

Years of scientific research tells us that there is a connection between food and health. Evidence shows that a healthy diet as part of an active lifestyle can reduce the risk of chronic disease. However, with nutritional advice constantly circulating the internet, how do we know what is sound...
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Chickpeas on a baking sheet

Level up on legumes

This blog post was written by Illinois State University graduate student and dietetic intern, Kayla Kaspari.  Garbanzo beans, also known as chickpeas, are a part of the legume family and are grown similarly to soybeans or peas. These plants produce edible seeds, called pulses, that have...
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Child and parent arms around table with carton of eggs.

Cooking with Children

This blog post is written by Illinois State University graduate student and dietetic intern, Jessica Schultz.  One of the greatest life skills you can teach kids is how to cook. It is something they will need to use every day, since we need to eat to survive! Getting them in the kitchen...
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orange and brown sugar

What Makes Brown Sugar Brown?

Brown sugar can give a rich caramel flavor to sweeten so many foods. As it sits in your pantry next to the canister of white granulated sugar, you may have wondered, “What makes brown sugar brown?” Molasses is the answer. While the processing of white sugar creates molasses, it is processed...
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Healthy Holiday Hacks

The holidays come with much anticipation and excitement, as well as a little dread. The dozens of holiday cookies, the variations of fabulous fudge, and the finest candies around, are sure to excite the taste buds. But when these goodies have you surrounded each day from November to January, the...
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