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Farmers Markets

A spread of different vegetables including brussel sprouts, carrots, bell peppers, potatoes, and garlic on a white table.

Shop farmers markets for your Thanksgiving meal

Locally grown foods aren’t shipped thousands of miles, which reduces the carbon footprint, supports our local growers, and offers tastier, more nutritious food. When food doesn’t have to travel far, it can be picked ripe, and eaten soon after harvest, retaining more nutrients and flavor than food...
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A bunch of daikon radishes with green stems attached

Ask your local growers about daikon radishes

Most people are familiar with radishes, those red-skinned, white-flesh, peppery vegetables often found on a salad bar. However, there are many other radishes, such as the daikon radish, that look completely different and yield a slightly altered taste. The daikon radish looks more like a white...
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Text says "make the most of berry season" with a picture of a dozen blackberries in the background.

Make the most of berry season

Berry season is arriving quickly, and it’s what gets me the most excited for those first few farmers markets near the end of May and early June where berries are likely available. When perfectly ripe, blackberries are one of my favorites. Blackberries, which can range in color from white to red to...
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