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Website serves ag, natural resource industries

URBANA, Ill. - A trusted resource now has a new look. University of Illinois Extension has launched a new website to address agricultural and natural resource issues impacting Illinois homes, businesses, farms, and communities, says Dennis Bowman, interim assistant dean and Extension program leader. 

"This is a place to quickly find the resources you need, from finding the right subject matter educator or specialist to accessing a vast library of recorded webinars and podcasts," says Bowman. "I think Illinois residents will find our new ‘Expert Assistance’ page especially helpful." 

With Extension’s face-to-face programming suspended for now, people can continue to get the information they need by contacting educators directly. The new page lists specific areas of expertise for each educator so Illinois residents know who to go to for answers, Bowman says. He hopes the information on Extension's mission and strategies will lead to new partnerships to address pressing Illinois issues in the areas of agriculture and natural resources.

The site reflects Extension's move to have devote additional resources to ag and agribusinesses, as well as natural resources, energy, and environment as it builds capacity in those vital Extension program areas.

Source: Dennis Bowman, University of Illinois Extension Interim Dean, Commercial Ag Educator
Writer: Karen Winter-Nelson, University of Illinois Extension Evaluation and Communications Specialist