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Ep 125 - Christmas trees: real, fake, potted, and alternatives

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On this week’s Good Growing Podcast, we’re talking Christmas trees. We discuss some of the different types of trees you can find, which are more sustainable cut or fake trees, potted Christmas trees, as well as some alternatives to the typical evergreen tree. Watch us on YouTube: Skip to what you want to know: 00:31 – How was your Thanksgiving? 01:45 – Christmas trees, what type do we have? 04:23 – What’s the best type of cut Christmas tree? 07:20 – Good species for aroma 07:55 – Not all evergreens smell good… 08:50 – Fake/synthetic trees 10:15 – What is more sustainable, cut or fake Christmas trees? 14:30 – Renting a live Christmas tree? 16:37 – Caring for potted Christmas trees 20:25 – What are some alternatives to typical evergreens? 26:55 – Critters coming in on live Christmas trees 28:35 – Wrap-up, thank you, what’s up next week, and goodbye! Interview with Robert Richardson, President of the Illinois Christmas Tree Growers Association – Consumer Reports article – Contact us! Chris Enroth: Ken Johnson: Check out the Good Growing Blog: Subscribe to the weekly Good Growing email: Any products or companies mentioned during the podcast are in no way a promotion or endorsement of these products or companies. -- You can find us on most podcast platforms. SoundCloud iTunes Stitcher Tunein Spotify Vurbl Listen notes Ivy Castbox Google podcasts
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