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Ep. 146 Time to start fall garden crops | #GoodGrowing

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It may be hot out there, but fall gardening has already started in Illinois. This week on the Good Growing Podcast Ken and Chris share how the summer veggies faired and then describe their plans for fall crops. Learn about what you can get started in August for harvest in October and even into the winter. Plus tips on gardening as the weather turns cold.

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0:39 Hey Ken!
1:10 – How has the summer garden faired this year? What we grew, what worked, and what didn’t.
First talking Shiso earlier in the year
9:30 - Have tomatoes been delayed this year?
11:13 - Recording this year’s garden crops for rotating next year
12:25 – What are some good fall garden crops?
13:50 - What might it be too late to plant for a fall garden as of the first week of August?
15:28 – Chris seeds red Russian kale
16:10 – A hack for labeling your seed starts
17:52 – Using pelleted seeds for tiny seeds and seeders
18:55 – Using seed tape of making your own for tiny seeds
19:30 – Carrots are tricky to germinate. Here are some tips.
20:09 – Starting spinach indoors
21:11 – Sowing turnips in the garden
21:49 – Cover crops for the fall
25:05 – Garlic is already selling out at many seed suppliers. Time to order ASAP. If you can find it, here’s what is recommended to grow in Illinois
27:31 – Storing garlic for the winter
29:12 – Our preferences for starting seeds indoors or directly in the garden. 
30:44 – Why do we need to plant our fall garden in the summer?
32:10 – Season extension to push the garden into winter
Build your own low tunnel 
33:42 – If we could only pick one fall crop what would we choose?
36:06 – Thank yous and coming up next week

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