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Ep. 169 Growing Perennial Vegetables, Asparagus, Rhubarb & More | #GoodGrowing

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March 29, 2024
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This week on the Good Growing Podcast Ken and Chris talk about perennial vegetables that we can grow here in Illinois. Many of the preparation and care instructions match with each crop and we describe those during our first crop, asparagus! We also chat about rhubarb, artichoke, chives, and horseradish. Are there others? What perennial veggies do you grow?

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0:27 Hey Ken!
4:14 Diving into perennial vegetables
4:44 Asparagus - What do we like about asparagus? Smelly pee and astronauts.
6:19 What do you get when you order asparagus? Seed vs. living crowns
8:13 Preparing a site for planting asparagus.
12:51 How to plant asparagus.
14:04 When can you start harvesting asparagus?
17:15 Should you cut or break the asparagus spears when harvesting?
18:32 Weed control in asparagus (and pretty all other types of perennial vegetables)
21:21 Asparagus fall color.
21:57 Asparagus pests
23:04 Asparagus cultivars
24:57 Rhubarb
27:07 Rhubarb care
29:05 Should you remove the rhubarb flowers
31:55 Can you eat rhubarb after a frost?
34:07 Artichoke
39:27 Chives
40:56 Horseradish
45:48 What perennial veggies did we miss? Thank you's and coming up next week

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