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Ep. 173 Answering Common Lawn Questions | #GoodGrowing

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This week on the Good Growing podcast Ken and Chris look at some common lawncare questions. What can you do about growing grass in the shade? Does crabgrass preventer go down when the forsythia bloom? And more!

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0:50 Hey Ken! What's bocce ball?
1:54 Weather and garden updates
5:57 Good Growing Grow Along update. Seeds are on the way!
6:44 Time to talk about lawns
7:07 If you mow lower, does that mean you mow less often?
8:28 How high should we mow our cool-season lawns?
11:22 Can fertilizer help recover from mowing stress? But what exactly IS fertilizer to plants?
12:41 The one-third rule of mowing.
14:43 Why don't more people bag their clippings to reduce thatch?
18:24 Should we apply our spring weed'n'feed when the forsythia blooms?
24:31 How do I get grass to grow in the shade of a tree?
24:31 I keep planting Kentucky 31 bluegrass, but it looks terrible. What do I need to do differently, to make it grow well?

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