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Bonus: American Sycamore – Voice of the Wild

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Episode Show Notes / Description
Headphones on! In our first bonus episode we won’t be hearing an animal’s song and learning its voice. Instead, we’ll be giving voice to a tree. We’ll be hearing about Platanus occidentalis, the American Sycamore, and it starts with a walk through the woods… 

Do you want to learn bird songs, frog calls, and insect noises? Join Voice of the Wild every Friday to explore a new wild voice. From time to time, we’ll also do a deep dive into wildlife science, news, and natural history. Voice of the Wild is brought to you by the University of Illinois Extension Natural Resources, Environment, and Energy program. 

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This episode was written and recorded by Brodie Dunn. 

The following Macaulay Library recordings were used in this episode: 

Yellow-throated Warbler - ML509298 by Mike Andersen 
Pine Sisken single call - ML510254 by Dave Herr 
Pine Sisken flock - ML510252 by Geoffrey A. Keller 
American Goldfinch call - ML510278 by Wil Hershberger 
Great Blue Heron call - ML505864 by Randolph Little and James Kimball

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