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Episode 8: Red-Eyed Vireo – Voice of the Wild

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Learn the song and call of the Red-eyed vireo (Vireo olivaceus). 

A key member of the summer orchestra, you’ll hear this common gray and olive bird on nearly every hike. It sings throughout the day, every day, seemingly every minute. Uttering short little phrases one after another as if it's just letting us know that it’s up there. It tends to slink about in the upper canopy inspecting the underside of leaves for caterpillars and other arthropods. Despite its name, its red iris is not always easy to see; look instead for its dark eyeline and pale eyebrow. 

Do you want to learn more bird songs, frog calls, and insect noises? Join Voice of the Wild every Friday to explore a new wild voice. From time to time, we’ll also do a deep dive into wildlife science, news, and natural history. Voice of the Wild is brought to you by the University of Illinois Extension Natural Resources, Environment, and Energy program. 

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The following Cornell Lab | Macaulay Library recordings were used in this episode: 

Red-eyed vireo song (ML507846) by Geoffrey A. Keller 
Red-eyed vireo call (ML507849) by Oliver H. Hewitt 
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