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Clean Water: Water Conservation at Home

Conserving water can be simple with the right items in place and a few small habit changes. We all know the obvious “turn the water off” ways to save water, but what about considering water quality and how you can save some of the energy it takes to get water to your tap? This webinar originally aired April 17, 2023 and was made possible by Illinois American Water part of the Clean Water Conservation Webinar Series.

5:46 Your Water Conservation Handprint

6:58 Water Conservation Review

9:29 Water Conservation Home Improvements

13:25 Most likely household item to waste the most water

16:39 What could your water handprint look like

20:22 Water Quality is important to conservation

21:59 Extra opportunities to save water

23:07 Changes made the past year

24:50 Make saving water easy

25:15 What are you willing to try

28:10 For more information

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