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Invasive Garlic Mustard Research Update for Land Managers

Garlic mustard is a high-priority invasive plant that harms native forest ecosystems in Illinois. Researchers from University of Illinois and University of Wisconsin collaborated to test at what growth stage herbicides can be used on garlic mustard and still stop the plants from producing viable seeds.

Research Results

  • Applying the herbicides Glyphosate and Triclopyr to garlic mustard after it flowers and while it is producing fruit reduces viable seed production

  • This was not 100% effective, so do not use this as a primary way to control garlic mustard

  • Land managers have an extra 2 to 3 weeks to apply herbicide to garlic mustard in the spring.

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Find the published article in the journal of Invasive Plant Science and Management at doi:10.1017/inp.2021.8.