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Be Smart, Eat Well, Get Healthy 2020

thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving 2020

Did you always bring dessert to the holiday gathering?  Maybe you are not used to preparing a full meal, but this year may be different.  Enjoy the holidays with a new twist. If you are cooking a full meal for the first time – You can do it! Usually, our holiday meals are a group effort with each...
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Jack 'o Lanterns


This year, Halloween falls on a Saturday, and will showcase a spooky full moon. Add in a day of family activities and don’t forget the costumes, you can wear them all day! Even without traditional trick or treating, your family can have a full day of fun.   For Halloween 2020: Learn about...
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electric pressure cooker

Can I "can" in my electric pressure cooker?

Short answer….no.  Although some manufacturers indicate that their product can safely pressure “can” foods, the USDA has not endorsed this method. From the USDA: “We do not know if proper thermal process development work has been done in order to justify the canning advice that is distributed with...
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outdoor grill, hamburgers, hotdogs


Parks are beginning to open. The “home” school year has officially ended. It is time to GET OUTSIDE!  Ah, the smell of a campfire. Roasted marshmallows, hot dogs, fruit cobbler, foil packets of hobo stew….  there is nothing as good as simple food cooked over fire. Whether it’s a day at the park or...
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This is Not a Snow Day

  Remember snow days? Those absolutely “free” days—no school, no work—just a day free to do anything that comes to mind? I know that I always baked something, cookies, bread, smores in the fireplace… was a fun activity to do as a family. And nothing tastes better than comfort food, rich, warm...
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Understanding dates on food packages

Do you keep it or throw it out? In the United States, people throw away 30-40% of the food they buy. Are we throwing food away unnecessarily? Perhaps. If you are using the dates stamped on food products as your guide, then you might need to revisit your strategy. So, what do those numbers mean?...
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