University of Illinois Extension Specialists and Educators created the following checklist of common late planting questions.

The 2018 planting season got off to a very late start and now in 2019 we are running even later. As the updated chart shows, delayed planting does not necessarily equate with lower yields.
An update to the chart adding Week#19. we are poised to be the second slowest planting season in the last 20 years at the need of week #19 (second week of May)
Agronomic considerations regarding the use of corn as a cover crop include the following:
This is an excerpt from a formal letter Emerson Nafziger and I wrote on this issue. A link to the letter is included below.
1.      Neither seed nor grain produced from seed of transgenic (GMO) corn hybrids can be used as cover crop seed, due to patent prohibitions.
Dr Emerson Nafziger, Professor Emeritus University of Illinois, recently updated the Illinois nitrogen response date by adding data from the 2018 field trials. This data has been incorporated into the MRTN website and also into the downloadable cell phone apps.
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