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Nutrition Education

Nut nutrition. With tips on shopping, storing, and cooking

Nut Nutrition: Healthy Fats, Protein and Fiber

Are you nuts for nuts? If so, you probably have some favorites. Maybe pecans or walnuts? Peanuts or almonds? Fortunately, no matter your favorites, nuts are a nutritious choice! Nutritionally, 1/4 cup of just about any nut contains around 200 calories, 14-18g fat, 5-7g protein, 2-4g fiber, and are...
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Fresh beets with leaves and stems on granite background

Eating Beets from Root to Stalk

My CSA (community supported agriculture) farmer offered me a bundle of small beets. For this CSA, I can pick from a variety of available foods each week. Beets are not a go-to food for me, but the registered dietitian in me enjoys learning about foods, so I took the beets home. Nutritionally, 1...
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Picture of a lemon, lime, and orange on white background

Keeping Citrus Simple with Lime, Lemon, and Orange

Winter is the season for citrus fruits. Today, let's look at citrus that are available almost all year round in grocery stores: limes, lemons, and orange juice. For a long list naming other citrus fruits, along with shopping and storage tips for citrus fruits, check out...
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variety of citrus fruits, both whole and cut in half

How Many Citrus Fruits Can You Name?

Citrus is a big family, like apples. Let’s see how long of a list I can name: lemons, limes, navel oranges, grapefruit, ugli fruit, cara cara oranges, blood oranges, pomelos, tangerines, and mandarin oranges.  While there are a lot of different types of citrus, nutritionally they are similar: a...
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Dill coated white fish and asparagus on white plate and blue background

Dare to Cook with Dill

Dill is an interesting plant. In the kitchen, cooks have a choice of fresh and dried dill weed (the leaves) or dill seed for their recipes. Each provide their own flavors and preferred applications. Dill weed is generally more mild than the seeds, adds color to dishes, and provides better flavor...
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Three strips of jerky on white plate with blue background

Jerky Guide: Shopping, Storing and Preparing

Jerky is a dried meat product that comes in as many different flavors and uses as many different meats as you can probably think of. While jerky can be made at home, this post will focus on prepared jerky. Nutrition The nutrition of jerky will vary based on the type of protein used and...
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