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"Health benefits of Green Foods" and images of spinach, cabbage, Swiss chard, Brussels sprouts and broccoli

Eat green foods for better health

Function of Phytonutrients in Plants Colored pigments in plants are produced to protect them from pathogens, predators, and climate conditions. They attract pollinators Contribute to the plants’ sensory characteristics, color, and nutritional value. The chlorophyll (green...
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Health benefits of anthoxanthin-rich foods with images of potatoes, onions, garlic, ginger, mushrooms and banana

Eat white fruits and vegetables for better health

In my opinion, white vegetables don’t get enough time in the spotlight. Unlike the red, orange, and green groups, their white counterparts are often overlooked for not being as “healthful”. Hopefully, this post will change some minds and be a reminder that ALL fruit and vegetable color subgroups...
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health benefits of carotenoid rich foods with images of an orange, cantaloupe, sweet potato, eggs, corn and banana.

Eat carotenoid-rich foods for better health

Where Carotenoids are Found Naturally occurring plant pigments. More than 650 types exist in nature. These pigments are found in nearly all fruits and green leafy vegetables. The common carotenoids found in human’s due to consumption include, lycopene, lutein, zeaxanthin, beta-...
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Health benefits of anthocyanin-rich foods with a red, blue, and purple background.

Eat red, blue, and purple foods for better health

Eat Red, Blue, and Purple Foods for Better Health The function of Anthocyanins in Plants Colored pigments in plants are produced to protect them from pathogens, predators, and climate conditions. They attract pollinators and act as antifeedants (adversely...
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healthy shift ideas like using olive oil instead of butter, eating quinoa instead of white rice and choosing sugar-free beverages over soda and juice.

Shift your habits for better nutrition

Happy National Nutrition Month®! This is a great time of year to reevaluate your eating pattern to determine if it’s working for you. Are you getting the healthful foods you need to live your best life? An eating pattern represents all of the food and drink choices you make from...
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3 easy ways to boost fiber in your meals & snacks

We know that small changes in the way we eat can have positive health impacts down the road. If you think about how many food choices you make each day you’ll begin to realize how many opportunities there are to fuel up on foods that provide nourishment so you can live your best life with energy...
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Show your heart some love with these 3 lifestyle tips

Here are three heart smart behaviors in honor of American Heart Month in February. #1. Focus on foods that have heart healthy benefits. This includes: Foods high in fiber like whole fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains. Soluble fiber, like that found in oatmeal, can help lower your...
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photos of person eating Mediterranean salad next to photo of Mediterranean food ingredients

Age well with the Mediterranean diet

Instead of saying 'diet', I like to use the term 'eating pattern' which refers to the quantities, proportions, variety, or combinations of different foods and beverages that are habitually consumed over a long period of time. Dietary patterns can help predict health later in life. The...
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5 healthy aging tips for all ages

September is Healthy Aging Month which is something we can all acknowledge since we’re all aging. I like to call it “gaining momentum”. We all gather momentum as we age through the build-up of experiences and insights. Embrace this dynamic process that leads to new abilities and knowledge that can...
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Sweet and Savory Oats

Make the most of your oats

Oats can be found in many cultural dishes such as Scotland's haggis and Muesli from the Swiss. Oats have been a popular addition to many recipes and a staple food source for centuries (printable recipes below). Oats are an extremely versatile whole grain and can be added to many recipes from...
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