How can I prepare for a vacation?

Traveling as a student can seem impossible. Between the checks from low paying university jobs and monthly allowances from parents, sometimes we must settle for a more frugal lifestyle. For students who want to travel, it may seem like vacations don’t fit in your budget, but it is very possible.  With these five tips, spring break trips will be easier on the pockets!

5) Vacation savings      

How can I stay motivated in achieving my financial goals?

Congratulations! You have taken action to get your financial life in order. Whether your goal is saving, budgeting, investing, or repaying debt, the good news is that you started. As you begin your journey in achieving your goals, it can be difficult to stay committed and motivated consistently over time. The first important action you can take is to get organized. Here are five tips that you can utilize to ensure you stay on track towards your financial goals.

What are my options for repaying my student loans?

Life after college can be overwhelming as graduates begin their careers and start to face new challenges such as repaying their student loans. There are different repayment plans one can choose based on the type of student loan(s) one takes. Once you identified the type of loan, whether it is a federal student loan, private student loan, or both, you can begin planning out how you are going to pay off your debt.

How can I prepare for graduation?

Preparing for graduation can be extremely stressful. Students can easily be so distracted by the present that they don't plan for what is going to happen after graduation. There are many things to think of when preparing for graduation. Here is a list of things that could be beneficial:

Photo of man looking at a wall of question marks with text over the top: How do I make good financial habits?

Building good exercise habits leads to a better physique. The same is true for financial health and well-being.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a millionaire or a broke college student; the better your financial habits are, the more financially secure you’ll be, and the more freedom you’ll have in how you use your money. I’m going to provide my top ten tips and habits that will help you maintain good financial well-being in your lifetime.